Notable Celebrity Injuries

Celebrities injuries

Despite the image of a pampered, glamorous life where all whims are catered to, many celebrities work hard and sometimes have physically demanding tasks.  Whether performing on stage, shooting an action scene in a movie or simply trying to look good on the red carpet, there can be potentially dangerous mishaps, and accidents will happen.  Too, they can sustain injuries ... Read More »

7 Strange Celebrity Skin Beauty Tips

Do you wonder how celebrities keep their skin looking great all the time, or at least whenever they’re in front of a camera? Celebrities sometimes use the weirdest tricks to make their skin look younger and more radiant. Let’s have a look at some strange beauty tricks that celebrities use. Lip Balm To Accentuate the Eyes Miranda Kerr puts lip ... Read More »

5 Movie Lawyers You Don’t Want On Your Case

Courtroom dramas, supernatural thrillers, comedies – you’ll find lawyer characters in all kinds of films.  They’re entertaining and larger than life, and usually portrayed by some very talented actors.  But if you’re in trouble or you need a prosecutor for your case, and they could step out from the screen into real life, do you necessarily want some of them ... Read More »

Famous Athletes Caught Using Drugs

Sports have been tainted with constant allegations of drug use amongst its star athletes.   Denial after denial, athletes clear their names with convincing pleas of innocence.  Eventually, Time reveals they were lying after. Marion Jones An Olympic track and field athlete; She won five medals at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.  Jones admitted to using a drug called “The Clear”, ... Read More »

Celebrity DUI: Past And Present

Drunk driving is once again in the spotlight.  With more celebrities – young celebrities – getting arrested for drinking under the influence, it is no surprise why it continues to be a hot topic in schools and media.   With numerous ad campaigns pleading people to avoiding drinking and driving – many of these campaigns brutally illustrating the consequences – and ... Read More »

Celebrities That Have Changed Their Smiles

Hilary Duff Smile

Ever wondered why every celebrity has perfect teeth, perfect hair and perfect skin? It’s almost as if there is a beauty prerequisite to become famous. If you’re not a celebrity and have lived a relatively normal life it can be hard to imagine that many of those celebrities have had imperfections too. Just because they perform sold out concerts around ... Read More »